SOTD : Saturday 28th May - Friday 3rd June 2022.

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Friday 3rd June


Ganders Goat Soap w/Hop, Sage & Birch
OSP Spirits Shaving Soap
Razrock Hive w/Mokasoft Synthetic 24mm
Gillette Fusion (Flexball) ProGlide Power & Gillette Fusion Cartridge (10)
Pinaud Special Reserve Aftershave Cologne
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Not been on here for ages but here goes.

To do my bit for the Platinum Jubilee I decided to have a vintage shave from as close to 1953 as possible. After scrabbling round the shave den I came pretty close.

Razor - Gillette Fatboy, this actual one was manufactured in the 2nd quarter of 1961.
Blade - Gillette 7 O'clock Yellow.
Shaving cream - Palmolive for men in a squeezy tube. Was around in the 1950's.
Aftershave - Geo F Trumper Eucris. First released in 1912 and unchanged since. It made the shave today because Ian Fleming in his 1963 book On Her Majesty's Secret Service wrote about it being James Bonds aftershave. Daniel Craig also uses it in Skyfall. Trumper's is in Curzon Street London, the same street as the British Secret Service at the time. So it's in twice, once for 1963 date and once for me now smelling as if I am on her majesty's secret service.
Brush - Kent Pure Badger brush. Also mentioned in the same paragraph as the book above are Kent brushes. They have also have the royal seal of approval as they are appointed brush makers to the Queen.
I dropped in my Standard Conway box camera for the picture just because it was made in 1952. Music for the shave was 1953's greatest hits. A glass of Port will be raised at exactly 9pm to the Queen.

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Good to see you back, lad! Super "first post" :D
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