Straight Razor Shave of the Day

Beautiful shave today with the gold dollar again, few strokes on the iron ox on the paddle strop made for a wonderfully smooth and close cut. The SV is honestly such a great soap I’ve decided it will now be my go to whenever I’m doing any testing and wanting to keep as many variables as I can consistent it more or less lathers itself..feeling super smooth and refreshed ! 900C868A-986F-46AC-B558-DD40BADB1CD7.jpeg
The Koraat arrived yesterday so it was it's maiden shave this morning. It looks very well made and is actually 13/16 rather than the 6/8 I ordered, which isn't a problem. It is a big razor overall, quite a bit longer than my old Sheffield wedges, but it shaves extremely well. An excellent first shave!

It is a beautiful Razor and was New old stock when i first had it , so I had the privilege of being the first to shave with it. The writing is primarily the makers mark and often the works in which it was made.
Oh wow a lucky find then just something about the Japanese writing that adds that finishing touch for me..maybe it’s that it adds a little mystery It just looks classy I really like it
Quite a few first today..

1st ever shave with a actual straight razor ( been practicing with a shavette).

1st ever time that I have sharpened my own razor ( just got the finishing stones today and was able to get an excellent edge - already have some practice with normal knives)

1st ever time with a straight or shavette and no wounds, nothing, nada, not the slightest hint of Ye Olde Claret anywhere and yet still had an OK shave, not quite DFS... ( and definitely not a BBS but I'm ok with that. )

It was an unintentionally damned cheap shave too, 2€ shaving cream, a second hand 20€ razor and a Razorock 20€ synthetic..... I have some nice things coming in the post but I am more than pleased with this basic gear... I'm not overly happy with the Razorock though, I prefer the badger hair.. It works fine but completely lacks any scritch, almost as though it's too soft and too smooth...

Sorry for the rather drab image, which is completely outshone by the majority of the others images in this thread.. I need to do some practice here too :cool:

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