Straight Razor Shave of the Day

Enjoyed yesterday’s shave so much that I went with the exact same shave today and enjoyed it just as much..the Murdock balm pairs so well with the Razorock XXX and comparing the scent of the XXX and Murdock shaving cream side by side they do smell very similar..the XXX being a slightly lighter scent, both are very nice not sure if anybody else has noticed this before. Feeling super smooth and smelling wonderful 31712A80-EE1F-4CF3-ACAF-0500A8C50758.jpeg
Not too far from LHR
Today's shave I'm going to call BBC, Baurmann, Baxters, Cella.

Hot towel prep and face wash with Pears transparent glycerin soap. Cella new red tub, half bowl lathered in my new QShave hot scuttle, but heavily face lathered with my Clear Confidence Co synthetic brush. Then 3 passes with the Baurmann I acquired from Mr Rohleder. Scarily smooth shave topped off with lashings of the bargain Baxter of California AS balm we all bought on amazon earlier in the week for a song.

The cost saving on the balm paid for the scuttle.


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