Straight Razor Shave of the Day

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Shave today was with

Prep Edwin Jagger pre shave lotion
Soap Goodfellas smile De Nero
Brush Haryali London Modern Black Silver Tip Badger hair Shaving Brush
Razor J. Nowill & Sons "KrossKeys" straight razor.
Aftershave De Nero again.

This is my first ever shave using a straight razor, I prepped my brush, soap and face by using nice hot water.
Then I rubbed in my pre shave lotion, it was time to start loading up my brush with some lovely creamy lather.
Lather applied I picked up the straight razor and very slowly set to work.
Man the videos on YouTube make it look so easy but easy it was not, I managed to get most of the hair off without too many cuts and I decided to rinse my face and go again.
I could feel the razor starting to get a better hold in my hand without feeling so out of place and I could see my blade angles etc improve slightly.
After a second pass my face was cleaned of around 90% of stubble definitely not BBS but I expected this, I decided to touch it up with my leaf razor because it was at hand ready for a head shave.
I would say I had the same amount of cuts and slight redness as I did when I first started DE shaving.
Once finished off I washed my face in cold water, patted dry and applied the aftershave splash ooooo smells lush.
I am wondering should I shave every day instead of every other day with the straight ?
the theory is it might be easier to keep smooth with less stubble and I can get the muscle memory going for a better technique.
What would you advise?
When I first started with straights, I shaved every other day because of the irritation. My technique wasn’t good and the razors were honed on diamond paste(harsh) and they were very sharp but not comfortable. For the straight razor it makes no difference if you have a 24h stubble or a weeks worth of growth. All goes down with a single swipe. Do what’s comfortable for you. Take your time and make sure the lather is slick. The DE lather is not good enough.
Beautiful shave this morning with the Henckels getting a little better with each shave still taking quite a few touch ups to get BBS suppose it just gets easier to get smoother with less passes the more experience you have. Really enjoyed this one and I’m super happy with the razor @RussellR5555being very careful with the strop and loving the straight journey, will I ever go back to DE ? That would be a no may use one from time to time but straight shaving is definitely a much more rewarding experience, looking forward to adding further to the collection 9E9EDCA2-A748-4E5C-8643-872BEDAFB7A7.jpeg 043F6C98-C0C7-43AA-907D-980EAC202C0D.jpeg
Todays shave was brought to you by

Prep Proraso Pre shave Balm
Soap Once Upon A Time soap
Brush Mountain Best Badger brush
Razors J. Nowill & Sons "KrossKeys" straight razor.
Original 7 O'clock 1930's for lip, chin and touching up.
Leaf Razor for my head.
Aftershave Matching Once Upon A Time.

Today's shave was done in the daylight for a change, the shave itself have greatly improved with no nicks or cuts today.
I stuck to just shaving my cheeks and neck (except the adams apple part)
There was no redness either so definitely progress being made.
The ever ready did a great job at cleaning my chin and lip area and the leaf as always did an awesome head shave, it really is a must have razor if you are a regular head shaver.
lastly a rinse and finish with a nice splash of aftershave and I now strut around the house king of the hill.
Thank you for reading and have an awesome day.
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Rebublic of Scotland
Thank you @Fergiebilly for bringing this post back to life, I love it..
Every photo spurs me on and makes me want to shave with my straight razor again.
Who said the Christmas feeling only comes once a year? :unsure:
Aye..It Sure is a Christmas Feeling to Behold..I Love Shaving with a Straight Razor..The Simplest things in Life are the Highest.. (y)

Lovely shave with the Henckels today getting better 2 pass shave but plenty touch ups completely BBS really enjoying this edge from @RussellR5555 first use of the Stirling pumpkin spice I sent somebody a sample from the fresh tub last week so thought I’d give it a run out myself. Usual great performance from Stirling the scent is very nice but more for occasional seasonal use. Very happy with today’s shave 58205E49-5E71-4C8B-A9F5-61692287A8CC.jpeg 89191698-C493-46F4-9EE7-324569E658F2.jpeg
Yesterday’s SoTd
Not used the SV 70th anniversary in a while excellent shave 2 passes lots of touch ups getting closer with less irritation after tips on one of Lynn Abrams videos on angle on the neck and pulling the skin slightly sideways for those awkward angles has really helped. Learning more with each shave and loving the journey 0B063706-0501-44BC-AE39-ADAC181B5528.jpeg
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