SOTD: Saturday 2 December - Friday 8 December 2023.


SOTD December 5. 2023.

Razor - Blackland Blackbird Ti
Blade - Feather Hi Stainles
Brush - Paladin PK47 26mm fan
Soap - Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge
Bowl - Capitans Choice Heavyweight copper
Post - Fine - Lavender Pour Homme 1000001753.jpg

A close and comfortable shave on this very cold morning.

Until the next time, stay safe and shave happy!

SOTD: 05/12/2023

Razor: Blackland Vector
Blade: Feather ProGuard - 15, 1st use
Brush: Simpson Trafalgar T3
Bowl: Kikier Ceramic Bowl
Preshave: Martin De Candre Huile Végétale - Camomille et Citron Oil
Soap: Saponificio Varesino 70th Anniversary Puck
Aftershave: Saponificio Varesino 70th Anniversary Aftershave
Additional Care: Osma Alum
Additional Care: Cold Water

Enjoy your day!
5 December

Simpsons Luxury Shaving Cream
Mühle Travel
Henson Al13 M
Feather Hi-Stainless
Bart’s Balm Ben Kilbreck

A very comfortable, fun shave. Ridiculous amounts of lather with the Simpsons cream and Mühle brush, which really felt like a badger brush (in an EJ/Mühle kind of way) this morning. The Henson is a razor that I could just carry on using, it gives me a comfortable, respectable shave every day without effort. Great on a dull day.
Tuesday 5 December
Staying with the GEM I thought it was time for the vintage Wilkinson. This one the New Patent Roller Safety Shaver, first introduced in 1903 and sold often with 7 steel wedge blades as a set, like many razors in that period.
The GEM was used yesterday in a Star lather catcher, so today was on 3rd use. In my estimation, the performance of this razor cannot be bettered with any of today’s modern razors. I easily got bbs finish in one main pass wtg and then some atg and clean up. No need for the Schick cartridge to finish off like yesterday. The razor is on the aggressive side but never threatened to bite.
Shaving perfection from a 100+ year old razor, all thanks to a modern GEM blade :love:
MdeC again today, I’m addicted to this soap! The amazing scent still lingers in the bathroom.
Less said about the Semogue 1305 brush I used the better, it’s rough crap and now in the bin, hence not in the foto. I’m not even think about a re -knot as the paint on the handle is flaking off, as it has been since I first used it. I noticed that it’s no longer available on Amazon, thankfully.

Enjoy the day fellas!

Pre - Droyt's Vegetas Glycerine Soap
Brush - Zenith 506 Copper 28mm Faux Pony
Soap - OSP Sandalwood
Razor - Edwin Jagger D89 Acrylic Handle
Blade - Personna Lab Blue (Shimmed)
Post - Cold water Rinse
Balm - Barts Balm Ben Macdui - Rosemary & Sandalwood
A/S - OSP Sandalwood
Wk 49 (4).jpg
Another very easy 3 pass shave with the EJD89, today with a single shim with the Lab Blue. The Zenith Faux Pony is a beast of a lather machine, i had enough for 4 passes from a face lathering. I am debating whether to polish up the Zeniths handle again.
A nice post shave routine to finish off leaving me BBS and comfortable.
Enjoy your day all.
Tugging for a living, tugging for life and tugging since I was about 12. And now I find myself tugging in the early hours. A hard few days.

A busy past few days and living it rough with a bunch of rough arsed blokes but still time to shave. And this shave arrives themed, 'Bag wash'


My beautiful launderette - 3ONE6
My beautiful baggy wife - Gillette Rubie
My beautiful washing machine - Hive-2
My beautiful soap - Signature Soaps Valentia
My not beautiful face - Botanics moisturiser

'And place Satan inside the machine. Pop on a NO.3 programme, and wash away his sinful shave reporting'

So, a crisp white shirt of a shave or a pair of dirty old underpants?

A bit of both to be honest. A very welcome refreshing shave to an otherwise dirty old man. As in an old man wearing three day old clothes and underpants which have been through all the 'turning inside out, wearing back-to-front etc and repeat'. Aromatic? All the way. But hell, well shaven.

The Gillette Rubie was a bit of a 'I didn't expect this' blade as it fell out of a tuck clearly stating, Polsilver super Iridium. But hey who cares as these Rubies certainly are a first class act and very well matched to the 3ONE6. This Edward Jagger creation has really caught my shaving heart. It my not be the B1, the Mongoose or the Lambda, but what it is is one superbly rewarding daily driver without fear factor. A natural step up for a newbie wanting a bit more from their 'L plate' starter.

So a £2.50 hot wash shave for a 10p man.

It can only be the Beaver to sing this shave out.

Edit. I have just found a brand new pair of clean socks in my bag! Oh happy day
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Hi Chris,
Not too bad, managed to drive to Huddersfield from Kent to see Friends, as Jane had a stroke and we had not managed our Annual get together. Had a brilliant overnight stop near them.
Drive Home hampered by brilliant winter sun affecting vision.
Hope all good with you.

Great to hear Mike.

Everything here good thanks even if Friday through to Sunday was one busy period at work. Managed 40 hours of towing. And they call this semi-retirement? Bit calmer now and finish tomorrow.

Back home for a proper clean and shave....and decorating.

Stay well
SOTN (Head & Face)

Face - Blackland Blackbird Ti, Wholly Kaw Transition (soap & splash), Schick blade
Head - Leaf razor, Cella, Treet Platinum saloon blades
Alpha Outlaw brush (G4 knot)
Lucky Tiger face tonic
Refinery post shave balm

Was beginning the Blackbird To would never turn up, but guess that's what I get for always picking the slowest shipping option . Been waiting most of the year for their Black Friday discount, pleased to say the first shave has not left me disappointed .

A fourth shave from the Feather Pro Guard in the Occams Oren. The blade is still working really well. I'm finding four passes plus touch-ups gets me a really close shave. I know that's probably a lot for most people but with this combination I find I don't get the irritation that four passes would get me with a lot of DE razor and blade combinations.

I am going to skip a couple of days' shaving and then give the Dart a go with a favourite blade... Probably a Polsilver Super Iridium, Gillette London bridge or an English Wilkinson Sword.

Rating: 4 / 5

Razor: Occams Oren
Blade: Feather Pro Guard
Brush: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Amber Aerolite Stygian Synthetic
Pre-Shave: Aqueous Cream
Lather: Nanny's Cream of the Croap Moroccan Sands
Aftershave: Dunhill Dunhill for Men
Additional Care: Aqueous Cream
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