Post Shave Moisturizing

I have been using what I think is the ne plus ultra combo of moisturizers for those who use/need as such. First, I use hyaluronic acid, just a few drops spread all over the face. I then wait a few minutes until it is absorbed and then use the cutting edge polyglutamic acid in the same manner which seals in the former and...

“Ultimately, by combining both hyaluronic and polyglutamic acid within your skin care regime, you’re ensuring that you hydrate the lowest levels of your skin, and ‘seal in’ the upper levels, resulting in maximum hydration. This combination is the perfect solution for tight, dehydrated skin.”..,

I use these and I am sold on this "1, 2 punch"!! Forget greasy balms and other humectants. This is "cutting edge" science. (y) ;)

Not too far from LHR
I had pretty much ignored all mention of such things, having only seen them mentioned in the sort of mags my Mrs reads, most of which are 95% advertorial, offering to revitalise your sex life, career and pelvic floor just by buying a lampshade from

However if you hairy-arsed (or shaven-arsed for all I know)* no-nonsense shave hounds have actually tried these, and reckon they work, I am more likely to be convinced. I'm "allergic" to flavour of the month pseudoscientific "cosmoceuticals" but more inclined to believe you lot.

That said, my favourite post shave at the minute is Bio Oil. They say it is good for scars etc, but it is also great after the dermal abrasion known as SR.

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