Blade disposal slots and disposal of used blades. Some thoughts.

I just use an an altoid tin box :) or one of those nuts box you get inflight. More than storage, I am worried about disposal. Waste segregations esp where I live sucks and I always fear that someone might get hurt if i dispose them. I will most likely dump them in a steel furnace if at all i find one - that way i know for sure it won't hurt anyone!
One my favourite blades, the BIC, comes in cardboard. Plastic dispensers are no good. Almost as wasteful as a disposable razor or cartridge.

A store close to where I work sells these metal euro-bill piggy banks for one euro or so. I think I’m going to buy one soon as these would make a great blade bank imo.

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I have 1 like these, instead of money it has dinosaurs, only €1
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