Ach Brito Mogno

What an absolute lil' gem of a shaving soap is this lil' fella!! Just a tad smaller than a deck of cards and a pleasant scent as inoffensive as a butterfly's kiss and zero problem lathering!! Using my trusty "ball end" English Tech I decided to test two different blades as well. On one side the thrice used Kai and the other a twice used Astra SP. I switched blades mid-shave in the same razor. Both shaved very well, but the ol' reliable Astra SP gets the nod as it just flat out shaved smoother/sharper.

Back to the soap, this small bar is quite hard, but not like a brick and I actually enjoy the rectangular shape as it can be set on one end to dry. I only paid $5.95 U.S. + S&H for this soap and to be frank it shaves as well as a Big Money artisanal soap IMO. I will just add that all the "bells & whistles" are present here, i.e., cushion & glide. As usual, I won't offer an opinion on PSF as I wash/tone post shave thereby nullifying any objective thoughts. Just simply a refreshing & pleasant surprise in the bewildering marketplace of wet shaving nowadays. (y) ;)

I see one vendor in the U.K. peddling it:

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