Ach Brito Mogno

North Wales
I don't know what's worse , buying the last soap and not using it or enabling a sold out soap .
.....or taking that sold-out soap and charging a fortune for it on ebay.....
The implication seems to be that I'm gloating about it. I was only apologising for being lucky enough to get one! It's only a bar of soap!
@BigBruce , I'd be more inclined to read it as the general pleasant banter between a group of addicts, some of whom are unable to get their new product fix while an unused bar is wafted under their nose.

By the way, I've still not tried my Hampshire Wool Fat delivery out yet....... :oops: :LOL: ;)
NW England
I have admitted in a previous post to buying up 4 of the remaining 5 bars of Mogno from Shaving Station a few months ago. It was one of my personal shaving favourites of 2020. I was so impressed, I bought a tube of the cream too, for my dopp bag. The cream was much more expensive and I was surprised the soap bars are so cheap in comparison. SOTD pics:
Mogno2.jpg MognoCream2.jpg
Not too far from LHR
Haha a very nice tin it is too, not least because it's got not one but two bars of this great soap. Purists, fear not, mine is in the original stripy box still!

I also have a couple of other Ach Brito things to try, with many thanks to Sabre who kindly swapped some Lavanda cream and Musgo soap in exchange for a pack of Sensor carts I had squirreled away for years.
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