SOTD : Saturday 10th -Friday 16th August. 2019


Prep : warm water
Razor : Fatip Gentile Grande
Brush : Mühle boar
Blade : Gillette Rubie
Soap : Lea classic
Bowl : Just a bowl
Alum : De Vergulde Hand
After shave : Brut original

14th shave with the Rubie. Maybe I could strech it a bit but I called it a day. With more shaves I would have more small strokes for cleaning up. I'm poor, but not that poor ;) ;)
It's a keeper, next time a buy blades I'll buy a 100 pack of them.
Kent UK
Tue 13th August.

RazoRock Syn.22mm
P & B Pall Mall
ER Natural Angle [ HFT ]
Gem S/S [ 5 ]
Floid Vigoroso A/S Lotion

I rather like the looks and feel of this British version of a "G" Bar, but find that it does not deal with my beard very well. The Razor is nice to hold and is very manoeuvrable , but despite my best efforts I can never get an ultra close finish. I have to settle for what really is an OK- Going to Work type of Shave. I think this Razor is best suited to those with less stubborn growth than mine.

SOTD Tuesday 13th August 2019 PM

Hot shower / Proraso Green pre-shave cream
Stirling Soap Company Finest Badger
Acqua Di Parma Colonia shaving cream
OneBlade Genesis / Feather FHS
Thayers Cucumber / L’Occitane Cedrat aftershave balm
Acqua Di Parma Colonia EdT


In Perth, Scotland for an interview tomorrow. Want to look my best. It was a no brainier as to what software and hardware to use!
Prep: Floid Preshave Oil
Bowl: Fine
Brush: Vintage Cube handle with TGN 2-Band
Soap: Fitjar Island Folgefonn
Razor: Matador De Luxe on Triad Aristocrat TI
Blade: Asco Super Stainless
Post: Alum Rub
AS: Floid Mentolado Vigoroso
AS: Fitjar Island Folgefonn

Best Regards


Plymouth, Devon

Razor: Qshave Parthenon
Blade: Gillette Rubie (1)
Brush: Semogue 830
Soap: TOBS Royal Forest
Pre: Wilko Oil
ASB: Boots Freshwood
ASL: Boots Freshwood


I've used too many new variables again in a shave. I started on setting 3.5 with the Parthenon which is ~1/3 of the way up its aggressive scale. I was immediately aware of the feeling of the blade and wound it back to 2.5 for the next two passes. 2.5 was significantly milder and struggled to get me more than a socially acceptable finish.

The Royal Forest smelt fantastic but I was aware of a light burn after the first pass. I initially thought this might be down to the aggressive first pass but minimal feedback from the aftershave suggests there's something in this cream that my skin disagrees with. It will be the first product where I've had that issue if this is the case.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Monday shave:
  • Preshave: Proraso White
  • Soap: Proraso White
  • Brush: Zenith Boar B30
  • Razor: Merkur 23C on an iKon bulldog handle
  • Blade: New Feather with one bottom shim
  • After: Nivea sensitive skin balm

I decided to revisit my first safety razor to see if I my technique has gotten any better over time. I originally started shaving with a DE in order to get a closer shave than my electric but didn't want to pay for cartridges. I didn't stay long with the 23C as I could not get as close a shave as I had been getting with the electric and have since moved on to other razors. But what if I have gotten better at shaving? And what if I pimped it up? So I got the 23C out of the drawer, put the head on a solid handle, loaded a new feather blade and then shimmed it for good measure. 3 days growth and off to the races.

The result was pretty good -- a nice comfortable close shave with no complaints from the alum block. I was pretty happy with the results overall; the easy parts were as close as I could hope for but the tricky bits (scarred chin and some weird patterns on my jaw line) were not quite as close as I want.

So tomorrow is back to my regular R48 with the same feather blade (or at least half of it) to see if I really am getting better results on the tricky bits with the Focus.
Tuesday shave:
  • Preshave: Proraso White
  • Soap: Proraso White
  • Brush: Zenith Boar B30
  • Razor: Focus Dynamic R48
  • Blade: 1/2 half of yesterday's Feather blade (2nd use)
  • After: Nivea sensitive skin balm
My follow-up shave with my daily driver to see if my experiment of yesterday with the pimped-out 23C has told me anything. The shave today was everything I expected it to be as I do use the R48 every day and am pretty familiar with it after a year of use. The comparison did point out to me that my technique is getting better as the 23C is much closer in performance than before and, in fact, slightly better in some aspects. If anything a closer result was had on the easy bits with the 23C. But it was the tricky bits where the R48 continues to shine; the pivoting head makes it so much easier to handle the sharp curves and the imperfections (scar on chin). I also find the R48 is more tolerant of buffing and does not irritate.

I realize that it comes down to my technique. Ultimately I could get proficient enough with my angles to get the same result with the 23C or other traditional style DEs but I get that now with the R48. And, oddly, I get better results with the R48 when I use a German Wilkie rather than the Feather so I am anticipating things to be more definitive when I switch blades.

The R48 still does not do well with longer stubble. For that I will continue to experiment on Mondays when I have a 3+ day growth. Have been using a Feather AC SS with ProGuards and am liking that; even if i am not too skilled yet and generate a bit of the red stuff. Will probably revisit my X3 and see what tweaks can be done there. But for the daily maintenance shaves, it will still be the R48 for now. But who know what the future will bring!
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