Straight Razor Shave of the Day

NOS Henkotsu Kamisori
2nd shave with the kamisori. Not usually an SR shave-day due to work but just unable to ignore the urge so woke up earlier to do this shave. regrets! This kamisori handle & edge is so easy, smooth & comfortable in 3passes I was able to improve the results significantly from the 1st use to between bbs to dfs without any issues. The trick is in the angle...thoroughly enjoyed the session!
Not too far from LHR
I woke up 1 minute past work o'clock today so the shave (2 days worth) got postponed to this evening. Nothing fancy but a decent result.
Hot towel, wash with Pears, then whipped up a really great lather with a Moka Express synth and OSP Peppermint and Rosemary (sample). Got the hydration bang on between cushion and glide, and the scent was good too. Painted it on till I looked like Marcel Marceau! Yet again I reached for the Baurmann, which seems to be my default daily choice unless I know it needs attention. I've kind of got comfy with it, whereas the Koraat demands more respect and time, so I save it for weekends. 3 passes, and a more than acceptable result. The shave is a bit more comfy after a couple of uses and some laps on leather. Was a bit harsh recently after I got carried away on the diamond progression. Reading around, I think I thoroughly overcooked it. Some folk say diamond feels harsh anyway, but ten laps on half micron is enough for a refresh. I absent-mindedly gave it about 40 on 0.5, then the same on 1/4 Mike and then again on 0.1 while listening to the Hotmetalette tell me about her day. I practically turned it into a microtome! Lesson learnt.
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