SOTD: Saturday 30 March - Friday 5 April 2024.


OSP Fougere
Yaqi 24mm synth
Face lather
Gillette SS Red Tip (U.S. B2)
Gillette Platinum
Ariana and Evans Vetiver Magnifique
Guerlain Vetiver EdT

Being a Vetiver head, I’m lamenting Mr. Fine’s decision to pull his green and fresh vetiver splashes. After a hunt around, I came across the Vetiver Magnifique by Ariana and Evans. Lovely stuff; and it layers very well with the Guerlain. The latter, I think, has been reformulated fairly recently; and I think it’s even better than the previous one - brighter and grassier.

My Artisinal April Shave today consisted of...
Prep Aleppo soap.
Brush Highlander LE2023 Boar.
Soap Bee Clean Soaps Peppermint.
Razors Leaf and OREN
Blade's Nacet and Feather Pro Guard
Aftershave Jimmy Choo.

I brought the Pro Guard blades specifically for the OREN because it was recommended by @Mike Smart.
I found the shave strange because there was no blade feel whatsoever and I checked the razor about 3 times to make sure it had not fallen out, it did deliver a lovely close shave with zero cuts, irritation or redness on the skin so top marks.
My face looks lovely and clean shaven,I just have to get used to the different shave feeling to my norm.
The Clean Bee soap was attacked with my Boar as recommended and a slight adjustment to my lathering technique but alas it did not change my opinion of this soap for me personally.
It's just a mediocre soap that does not stand out to me in any way shape or form, I will stick to my MWF, GFT and Signature soaps as they simply surpass this in every way, so this will either be PIFED, dumped or just used up eventually depending on my mood.
On a high note the OREN and Leaf have left me looking fabulous, oh yeah super cool.
Have an amazing night everyone.
Ah ah, that time of the week. And for my final entry for this past week of SOTD's I am happy (the insane usually are) to present you with my shave themed, 'I am a tree'


Yew are a great razor - 3ONE6
Brazilian forest (Mrs Satanfriendly) cutter - Brazilian Wilkinson
Brushwood city limits - PAA Peregrino
Shaving sap - ADP Collezione Barbierre
Mound Ash - Proraso balm
Palmfume - M&S Spiced Amber

'Well dear, I used to think I was a tree. And then I met Satan, and I am a tree! Thank you'

'I am a tree' was actually my original forum name many many years ago. Then someone said, 'Oh another crank'.

Then my wife just happened to say, 'Chris, you are the nicest person with the most twisted mind', and so satanfriendly was created. And someone said, 'Oh another crank'

Since then I've had bids retracted on Ebay, death threats and the promise of an exorcism. And that's just the missus.

And the shave? Brilliant all the way. Not everyone's idea of a good blade, but to me and my piss poor concept of what is great and what is not; I simply love these Brazilian Wilkies. At least in the Tatara. So slap one in the 3ONE6 just to prove I am crap and.....yup.....brilliant (but doesn't change my status of generally being crap). Smooth and sharp without being stupid, whereas I am not smooth, not sharp but definitely stupid. But, I am happy and wonderfully shaved.

Puffyshoes? And why not? It is Friday which certainly shares the day with their one and only album, 'Finally the Weekend'. You've probably heard every bit of recorded music they have made by now, but as if I care. Have a fantastic weekend you fantastic forum folk and I love you all.....

HSOTD 4.7.24
Shield ACSE
Wizamet SI / Kai Captain Titan Protouch MG blades
Vulfix Simpson Simfix
Razorock One X
Two passes with touchup shave the side on the side of my head and the AC on the back and pass two great shave pass with touchup shave the side on the side of my head and the AC on the back and pass two great shave
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