SOTD: Saturday 13 April - Friday 19 April 2024.

Pre - Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar
Brush - AP400B Slim Brass 22mm Silvertip Synth
Soap - D. R. Harris Arlington
Razor - OneBlade Genesis
Blade - Modified GEM PTFE S/S
Post - Cold water Rinse
Balm - Barts Balm Ben Macdui - Rosemary & Sandalwood
A/S - Barbour "2016" EDT
Wk 16 (4).jpg
The Genesis just works for me, a very close and very comfortable shave from 3 passes today.
The modified blade has 9 shaves on it, still feeling sharp and smooth.
Enjoy your day all.

My Artisinal April Shave today consisted of...
Prep Aleppo soap.
Brush Highlander LE2023 Boar.
Soap Bee Clean Peppermint.
Razor Blackland Vector OC.
Blade Feather Pro (4).
Aftershave Jimmy Choo edt.

I was going to keep the CC on the Vector but decided to pop the OC on because I am fickle that way.
Tbh I am glad I did as it was an excellent shave, I really like this combo, that being said the Feather has started to drop off and feel a little rough.
A couple of sprays of good ol, Jimmy, and good to go.
Have a great evening, everyone.
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