SOTD: Saturday 11 May - Friday 17 May 2024.

15 May

Mitchell’s Wool Fat
Simpson Duke 3
Rockwell 6S
Feather Hi-Stainless
Village Barber balm
Dior Sauvage

The new formula, non-tallow, Wool Fat with the synthetic Duke 3 produced a knockout face lather this morning. Plentiful? It was falling off the brush :). A great, close, two pass shave with the Rockwell and the R4 plate following a decision to use my favourite gear much more often in future.
First shave ever with Lea. Very impressed. It must've been cheap (because I bought it!) but it left my face feeling really fresh without being overly mentholly.


Preshave - Pears Transparent Soap
Razor - Fatip Piccolo Lo Storto Originale Gold
Blade - Shark Super Chrome
Brush - Highlander TSR LE Walnut and Boar
Lather - Lea
Splash - Brut

Sotd 15-05-2024

Mergress - Treet Classic carbon - Simpson Case pure - DR Harris Arlington - witch hazel - Vitos tobacco - DVH balm - VR Spice Bomb.

Lovely relaxed warm day shave - it took me a while to appreciate the humble Simpson Case in pure badger. For face-lathering with a hard soap it excels, the diminutive 19 mm knot is precise. It's better for this sort of use than most of the two-bands I own, at three times the price. Granted, the knot takes a while to break in properly - it was a wee bit 'prickly' at first but that gave way to a very pleasant 'scritch' - excellent exfoliation. Fab.
Enjoy yours - cheers - I.
Aah me hearty’s Captain Pugwash of my childhood, Roger the Cabin boy, Seaman Staines, Master Bates, oh what a laugh!

Do you know what? In all my years at sea I have actually sailed with Seaman Staines (and probably worn the same), and my physics teacher as an apprentice was Master Bates. He took great pride with his name and an utterly bizarre chap. I will say though I have never rodgered the cabin boy. I do have ethics.

In Mexico the onboard doctors name was Doctora Ruth Ellis Zamora (she had no idea who Ruth Ellis was) and I still have a friend to this day who is Captain Lightening.

Probably a few other oddities down the years. Including myself.
Pre - Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar
Brush - Vintage Culmak Plus - Mühle 23mm Classic Silvertip
Soap - Palmolive "Pipe-bomb"
Razor - Rex Ambassador
Blade - Personna Med Prep
Post - Cold water Rinse
Balm - Barts Balm Ben Lomond - Cinnamon & Patchouli
A/S - Aramis Tuscany EDT
Enjoy your day all.
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