Astra SP's are now made in India

On B&B someone posted up pictures of a new Indian made carton of Astra Superior Stainless sold for the Indonesian market.

The market for DE blades seems to be growing significantly by the year.
From B&B

"OK. First shave.
Short story.
I think they are different. The blade from India seems to be a tad smoother, maybe sharper.
Again the comparison is with blades made in Russia few years ago. Not recent production. I have recent production blades but I have not used them yet.
Long story.
I shave every day. I have sensitive skin. Since I purchased the Henson, the AL13 and the Astra blades have been my daily drive. Three passes + touch ups (which are actually a sort of two additional full passes on the jaw lines and on the neck). I always get a close shave, with no irritation, a couple of micro weepers or nicks (depending on how you define them) in two different spots, rarely more.
My son has the same razor, just different color. I loaded them with the two blades and I shaved one side of the face with the India made blade and the other side with the other blade. Three passes with both razors, however I did the final touch ups with the India made blade only.
My IMPRESSION is that the new blade is a tad smoother. Maybe it is a little sharper. I could feel the difference expecially when going against the grain.
The shave, after touch ups was super close and I did not get even a single nick. No Irritation. Applying the aftershave was uneventful.
I always do two shaves with the Astra's. Since I am using them for half face, maybe this time I will do four shaves. In any case I will not be able to say a lot as far as longevity is concerned."

So the new blade seems to be a good one.
Interesting, i've only been using Astra SP's in my ATT H2 for years now, i'm down to the last couple of cartons.

I'll probably dig through my different types of blade and see which i prefer these days, and maybe pick up a pack or two of the new SP's at the same time for testing.
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