Astra SP's are now made in India

If Gillette stopped making them in the St Petersburg plant, then presumably these will go also to the central/eastern European market; they boxes have the right print for that as well. Astra is still a sort of a "home" brand in Czechia and Slovakia, you can find them over there in pretty much any shop which carries razor blades, although they'd been made by Gillette for a while now.
Gillette Indian blades are great IMO. Even the lowly 365 gives me great shaves!!

Of course, Gillette only make 3 different blades on the same eqpmt. at all their locations with a cornucopia of names......IMO, i.e., a "Stainless" is a Stainless, "Platinum" is a Platinum and then there is the Sputnik.

Prove me wrong. :whistle:;)
What a good move!

@Bogeyman ... it's like Lord. I do agree, but I also don't. The GWS is absolutely not the same as the 7 O'Clock PermaSharp. Likewise, the 7 O'Clock Super Platium is smoother and finer than the Winner Superior Platinum. I agree on the Gillette Russia side as I really don't like any of the Platinum blades and rate them all quite lowly, but about the same - that's Astra, Rubie (Plus), Platinum (White), Platinim (Blue), KCG and Minora. GSBs, I rate higher but that's because I think I want to like them ... and actually don't. That, and like Lord, the Gillette Russia stainless blades are all very close but do have a tight bracket of finishes with PermaSharp Super and Nacet as standout sharp with Sputnik as standout smooth.

I have a synaptic leap that the Astra brand could be a duplicate of the Winner brand although the stainless is outsourced and made by Vertice. Pure guess. Actually, I can't wait to try them!
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