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When I Hone My Square Tips I Round Off the Tip to Make it Safer to Use... (y)
Re rounding off the point on square tips, i'm swithering to do it mainly because it takes away the originality of the razor, on the other hand my experience with squares is dire... But again, no point keeping them in a drawer...
This is going to be one hell of a controversial first post but I have to agree with Bob and actually joined to implore you to stop rounding these pieces of history.
IMHO rounding off the tips is nothing short of vandalism. Some of those razors look seriously old yet pristine condition.

I recently acquired a very old Kamisori with a square point and wouldn't even consider rounding it. (see below)
BTW if anyone can throw any light on the blade stamp I'd love to know.

The point on it is absolutely lethal but I have simply dulled the last millimeter of the tip with a file. You can't tell I've done it by looking at it so its aesthetics remain intact but it wont cut you anymore.

Those are some beautiful looking razors, I think the Bockla is my favorite.
(Also you can tell me to piss off and mind my own business and I won't be offended lol)
Kamisori Blade stamp.jpg
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