SOTD : Saturday 1 th - Friday 7 th June 2019


Castlerea , Ireland
Firday's Shave - New Things and some old Favourites.


Preshave : Vitos an Old Favourite

Brush: My Beautiful new Shavemac Synthetic , really enjoying this brush it seems to have everything to me a good back bone like I was hoping for, Lovely soft tips, I don't know how they got the stiffness as it has no protruding glue bump at all.

Blade: I have been trying lots of Russian blades that @Digimonkey kindly send me , and today it was a Swedish Steel Rapria, it gave a nice shave.

Razor: A Firm Favourite the Game Changer 0.84P on a Windrose Handle

Soap: A Sample of MDC Original , oh dear I absolutely loved it !

Balm: Barts Lovely Balm a firm Favourite

EDT: Copy Cat Oud Wood.

A wonderful Shave with some very wonderful products.


Prep : warm water
Razor : Fatip Gentile Grande
Brush : Prosaro (Omega) boar
Blade : Wilkinson Sword
Soap : Lea classic
Bowl : just a bowl
Alum : De Vergulde Hand
After shave : De Vergulde Hand lotion

After 13 good shaves I tossed my Wilkinson blade. It was still good, but it's time for an other blade tomorrow ;)
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