SOTD : Saturday 1 th - Friday 7 th June 2019

North East.UK

SOTD : 1st June 2019.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/ L'OREAL ~ Birch Sap Shower Gel.


Cold wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap.

Brush: Omega 49.

Face Lather.

Soap : Boots ~ Original shave stick.

Blade: Personna ~ Gem PTFE coated.(4)

Razor: Ever-ready ~ 1914. (US)


Cold Water Face Rinse./Homemade menthol crystals +Eucalyptus peppermint,+ Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Mixture./
Boots~ Freshwood ASL + Balm.


A new shave set up to start the weekend...

It's been a long time since i've used the Boots Shave stick, and forgot how much of a good slick protective lather it provides rubbed directly in to my stubble then lathered up with my damp but not wet voluptuous omega 49, adding tip to the brush in-between each pass, leaving a wonderful post shave feel to my face.

A comfortable 3 pass + pick ups silky smooth shave with no errors to report.

Finishing the shave off with a generous dollop of Boots~ Freshwood Aftershave Balm.

My face is feeling super smooth and smelling old school devine. ;)

Enjoy the start of the weekend, ladies & gentlemen.
Sunny Cornwall

Shave Of The Day. 1st June

Prep ~ Shower, Aleppo soap
Razor ~ Carbon Shaving Co - Cx 316L
Blade ~ Polsilver - Lodz, Poland
Soap ~ MdC Original
Brush ~ Candman - Bell handled silvertip
Post ~ Bart's - Lavender aftershave lotion
Scent ~ L'Occitane - Pour homme

I skipped my shave yesterday so I could see how the Cx would cope with two days of growth, well it coped very well indeed and was just as smooth and efficient as it was with only one day of growth, an effortless BBS.
I am very happy with this razor as a whole, fit, finnish and performance.

Have a great weekend people..........P.
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Kent UK
Sat 1st June

Simpson Chubby 1 / Maggards 2Band
Arran Aromatics Bay Citrus
Schick Type F
Schick "Chick " [ 2 ]
Tuff Green A/S Lotion

The Type F may not be the most aggressive of Razors, but I find it still to be quite efficient. Its forgiving nature suits my heavy beard . as I am able to tackle and remove all stubborn areas of growth without causing any problems. A Shave might take a little longer than with other Razors, but it is good to know you will have a nice relaxed Shave, and be rewarded with a great close all round finish.

Today's shave:


- Barrister & Mann Saeryan
- Nightdivers K2 Purple Horse
- Ikon 102 with Razorock handle and Sputnik blade
- Isana Dark Ocean aftershave


I'm still struggling a bit with the Excelsior base (it's so different from others that I keep overloading it). The scent is ... there, but difficult to describe. It's light and soapy, floral with some sweetness, and overall rather subdued. I can't catch any spices. I'll have to investigate further and see if it gets more prominent with repeated uses.
SOTD 20190601.


Yaqi model R1710.
Extro "Shantala" shaving soap.
RR Game Changer GC84-P / Stork Ti "Taipan" handle.
Rapira Swedish Super Steel (1).
Rockwell 6S R5 only / Stork Ti "AN14" handle.
Rapira Swedish Super Steel (1).
Wars "Classic" EdC.

Comparison Game Changer and modified Rockwell.
What was your conclusion? Did you have a preference of the two?

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Amber Valley. East Midlands
Saturday SOTD

Pre - La Toja Mango Soap
Brush - YaqI 24mm Tuxedo Marble Handle
Soap - Squadron Red Lead
Razor - Wilkinson Sword Classic TTO
RapIra (2)
Balm - L'oreal Hydra Sensitive Birch Sap Balm
Aftershave -Old Spice ASL

What a difference a razor makes . . .
The RapIra blade on it's first use in my Ikon 101 was very mild, so much so that during the first pass I couldn't detect any blade feel whatsoever. In the Wilkinson TTO blade feel was very apparent throughout the shave.
I took plenty of time and with a light touch I managed to get through my shave without mishap.

La Toja Mango and Red Lead Soap are both top quality products, and I have @Digimonkey and @TomG to thank for these.

Enjoy the weekend everyone !
Rebublic of Scotland


Two Pass Shaving Routine...

Hot Water prep & Massage with Argan Oil
Puma 83 Solingen Full Hollow 5/8th (Freshly Honed )
Fitchard Pure Badger
Valobra Tallow Soap
Humphreys Witch Hazel

I Had a Belter of a Maiden Shave Today with My Newly Acquired Puma Solingen 5/8th..Quite a Thin Grind for a Puma & a Very Keen Arkie 20 K Edge..I Just Love the Design & Look of these Fancy Scales..The Beautiful Lady Handles Well.Its a Keeper for Sure..Wunderbar..



Saturday morning

OSP Grapefruit and Menthol
RazoRock BC Silvertip 24mm
Gillette English Fat Handle Tech (1948)
Gillette Silver Blue #2
Thayer's Rose Petal and Aloe Vera
Fine Snake Bite after shave

A lovely shave from the Tech this morning. I'm really enjoying these Silver Blues as well; and a nice burn/face freeze to finish off.

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