Why Do You Pick A New Soap

Trial and error mostly

Reviews and recommendations aren't always a sure fire way of finding a soap/cream that you'll be 100% pleased with.

Artisan soaps in general are pretty good, but some are much better than others.
P&B soaps get rave reviews from lots of users, but I don't like them - scent or performance wise.
Wickham on the other hand, i could happily use exclusively.
Noble Otter have a good base with interesting scents, but they don't last anywhere near as long as Wickham for instance.
OSP is another good artisan. Good ingredients, very nice scents, and good value for money.
Signature Soaps- @BrianH , you could say, is the new kid on the block.
All natural ingredients, and he cares about his product, and what people want from the product. (THIS DOESN'T MEAN I SUBSCIBE TO THE "STORY BEHIND THE SOAP" BLURB) Rather I appreciate thelat he's a bloke who wants to earn an honest quid.

Long established brands are long established brands for good reason.
Tabac has been mentioned a few times in this thread. This is another soap I could happily use excluding all other soaps.
Again, good ingredients, long lasting and very cost effective. The scent seems to offend some people - i like to think that one day they might change their minds and get the chance to truly appreciate this excellent soap.
Cella & Vitos, although soft soaps are quite long lasting. Cheap as chips and top notch performance.

I never got into 'artisan' shaving soaps, but I tried with an exception of a few things from Signature Soaps, which are my alternatives on the days I get a bit bored of using my daily performers eg Vitos etc.
Reviews, scents, and semi-hoarding.

I figure that if I have to shave every 2-3 days for the rest of my life then I may as well get the best performing and smelling soaps. Soaps that I really want to try are Boellis and PannaCrema Nuavia.

The BST also allows me to try out new soaps at a reasonable price.

I’ve been on this wet shaving journey for 7-8 years and I’ve found that there is no real correlation between price and performance after you get past £10 for a lot of products. So an element of hoarding comes into it too. I only own 10 or so soaps but as half of them are triple milled so that’s probably enough for the next 30 years.
currently my absolute favourite is Cyril Salter hard soap. almost no scent, below 5 pounds apiece, but gives a level of protection and comfort, and a soft leather not seen with more expensive ones.
I can even use it as a pre-shave tratment, works better than anything else for me.
So, I'd love to try new stuff, but then I ask myself: why?
This is noble and I respect what they're doing but it's also 5% of profits, not 5% total cost. 10p per soap assuming £2 profit? I don't know what the profit is on soap. Anyway, my point is you could buy some Tabac Mike and donate £5 to Mind ;) Great advice coming from a guy that regularly exercises zero self control.

I predominantly buy soap for retail therapy purposes. Particularly over the pandemic.
I am keenly awaiting your next fire sale
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