What are you listening to?

An old Favourite from my rebellious youth...I first heard this Magazine classic listening to john peel on a school day evening....The Drums & Bass are so simple but very addictive.
Barry Adamson (Bass) John McGeoch (Guitar) Howard Devoto (Voice) Bob Dickinson (Keyboards) Martin Jackson (Drums)

The Magazine Real Life album is one of my all time faves. :love: enjoy.

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Exactly why I've never tried it!!
had a bash at mushrooms in my 20s ie many many years ago. went to a snooker hall for a wee game, my mate missed the ball over the top, that was me i totally lost it. at that time it was the funniest thing ever.
he took me for a drive about to clear my head.
i stay near mossmoran, an oil processing plant that was lit up to me like a massive space ship.
he said my face was a picture.
that was nothing compared to kircaldy bus station when all the busses were lying down sleeping or when i went home and the carpet was breathing and the telly had a repeating echo to the sound.
ahh great times. i'm a boring bugger now, just beer. :LOL: dont do drugs kids i'ts not cool(y)
Hiya doin,

Never heard that before.....thanks! Some truth in there for sure. Psychedelics were a favorite of mine, starting in late 1969 and going till about 1975 and nothing since then. Probably over 200 adventures using various things like acid, mescaline, and mushrooms (both fresh and dried). Had a friend who made fun toys like blotter LSD, DMT, and MDA (original love drug).....good guy to know.

Personally, I was lucky (or whatever it is) in avoiding a bad acid trip, but saw it occur in others multiple times. No one died but the possibility was there.

So what acid does is makes you think differently, never mind the intense visual entertainment. The brain is able to access ways of looking at things it's normally not privy to when not tripping. Good part is it's really a kick seeing what's going on inside your head without the usual mundane restraints getting in the way. Bad part is you can go nuts, and this can last for many hours!! Can't tell what'll happen till you take some.

For any readers of Dune, the Reverend Mother mentions a place in her mind she can't go to because it's terrifying to her. Psychedelics can lead there without an individual's defense or consent, if that makes sense. Some people just aren't set up for tripping and even veteran abusers can have a poor time because of unpleasant life situations.

Some US states like Colorado are legalizing shrooms to use, possess, and grow, but not for sale. Lots of therapies using em being offered by people. Hehe, the idea of dealing with some of my issues from the last 50 years under that influence....no thank you.

Just my take on things,

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