The Plumber

There was a woman who was quite morbidly obese.
She is so big that one day her behind gets stuck in the toilet. She struggles and struggles but cannot get herself out.
She yells to her husband Ralph, “Get me out of here”.
Ralph runs to see her but quickly realizes there is little he can do.
Finally he gives up and tells her the only thing that can be done is to call a plumber to take the toilet apart.
Awhile later the plumber pulls into the driveway.
The woman suddenly realizes she has no pants on and tells her husband: “Hurry give me something to cover up.”
The husband thinks fast and gives her his yarmulke which she puts over her ‘private area”.
The plumber opens the bathroom door and turns to the husband and says......

“Well I think I can get your wife out, but I am pretty sure the rabbi is a goner."
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