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Sunny Cornwall
New to forum but at 55yrs of age NOT new to shaving!.....That said new to different types of shaving and have finally progressed from cartridge razors, used from the first bum fluff shave and throughout most my adult life!?! Then for the last 10yrs I made the transition to DE, mainly because I was fed up with the extortionate increase in the price of cartridge blades!?! My weapon of choice was/is an IKON open comb. But back in 2020 I decided to finally take the plunge an go for a STRAIGHT RAZOR as this has ways been on my bucket list to do/learn from an early age of watching old western and other old movies. It always struck me as the ultimate man's skill, so having looked into the tools that would be required I decided foolishly or otherwise that at my age i cannot afford to chop and change/progress /upgrade every few years plus I am a great believer in getting the best you can afford!?! Having saved my pennies and done some homework I firstly invested in an Alex Westholme STROP (managed to catch him at the right time and had first pick), then saved some more, ok a lot more pennies and ordered a Thiers Issard Singing Hollow Rams Horn 6/8" Straight Razor, which arrived just in time for Christmas this year!
So begins a new chapter in my shaving life of experiences!?! Things pretty much started as I expected BLOOD, SWEAT and Tears oh and more BLOOD but hey-ho wants a pretty face!?! But can never wait to have another go and each time it gets a little better and a little less claret, to me it's part of the fun of learning a new skill!!! The only down side is having to wait 3 or 4 days for a good nick to heal before you can put a blade over it again.
What ever happens now I can go to my maker satisfied that I HAVE shaved with a STRAIGHT RAZOR! Now I just have to perfect it and that's down to time , technique and practice.
Well that's my intro, regards all, Andy
You've come to the best shaving forum Andy, well done, you will enjoy the interaction on here, a better bunch of men you will struggle to find anywhere else.
Good luck with your straight razor journey.

"Angry Badger" eh?
Let's hope you aren't hear to wreak vengeance upon us for what our hobby as done to your kind.

Welcome to TSR. You can dance around the rabbit hole, or you can dive head first into it, knowing that a mountain of lather and 2000 brushes will break your fall.

I signed up in 2020 and the advice I received here was invaluable. Found a razor + blade combo that was perfect for me within a couple of weeks, and have enjoyed excellent shaves ever since.
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