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One of our members has asked that we bring to your attention a nasty scam which was perpetrated against him on the DFS forum, thought this could happen anywhere.

Firstly, the perpetrator of this criminal act went under the following details

His username was: wetshavingphd

His name is: Derrick Miller

Please look out for this person or variations on these credentials. Our member gives the following details.

“I was contacted via PM on the DFS forum on Wednesday night by someone offering me a Paradigm 17-4.
I'd posted a Wanted ad on their BST thread a whole ago.
He asked if I'd had any luck finding one and If not he would be willing to sell his?

I asked how much and could he send a photo?
He was asking for $200.00 shipped (this should have been my first red flag) and sent a photo.
I agreed and offered to send the funds via Friends and Family? He agreed so I sent the funds. He replied back saying some of the funds were missing and asked if I could send it again. I told him to refund the money so I could try sending it again, but I would have to pay it the following morning when I got to work.
He refunded the money and said it was no problem sending it the next day.
The day I sent the money as a Gift payment. Not long after I started to wake up.
I checked Google images and the photo he sent was the third image which appears.
I went back and checked his profile on DFS. It turns out he only joined the day before. Not long after his account details were all blank.”

There are a few signs to watch out for if you find yourself in such a position

1. Be wary of bargains from strangers.
2. Be suspicious of solicitation of ‘Friends and Family' payment.
3. Look out for attempts to get more money by saying the funds did not arrive.

Our member would like to remain anonymous but has suggested that all sales photographs on BST should be shown with a signed dated note to demonstrate ownership of the goods. The mod team will discuss this, but my own view is that we don't have resource to police it. However, a compromise might be for all members to feel free, without prejudice, to ask an unknown seller to provide a ‘proof of ownership' photo, perhaps by PM.


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Can I just add.

Check when their forum account was opened, and even check their recent posts. Check if they have been active in a positive way. If you know someone else on the forum maybe go as far as to ask them if they know of the person who you intend to do a trade with.

All long winded I know, but it pays to be safe.

@globalm do you know if there is a way to stop people being able to see the trade section until they have made 10 or more post contributions to other sections of the forum? This may put off some scammers if they think there is no trade section when joining. just a thought.

Sorry to hear this and thank you for allowing the admins to make awareness. :)
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