Hello from Georgia, USA

Hope I'm welcome even though this seems to be a UK forum. Looks to be one of the better forums for me out there- I'm not a shaving hobbyist, I just really enjoy my single DE razor and the art of wet shaving.

I started shaving with an electric Phillips razor as a teenager and hated it. My passion for WWI and WWII history led me to study wet shaving and got me interested enough to buy a Merkur 34C, which was perfect for me at the time. Over time as my beard grew thicker, it started not being quite aggressive enough for me, and when it finally broke at the threads I decided to grow my beard out.

All that to say, now that my beard hair is much thicker, I wanted to get an aggressive razor to help mow down my quick-growing stubble. Ended up getting a Muhle R41GS, and absolutely love it- I don't find it too harsh at all for every day shaves.

Again, hoping I'm welcome here even though I'm from the States.
Massive warm welcome to TSR.
I'd does not matter from where you hail, we will soon be helping you spend your hard
earned on stuff you never knew you wanted.

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