Well, I used to love them but it’s all over now! Rough as freshly gritted, pot-holed road. I could get away with them in an ‘89 but in a vintage Gillette? Carnage…
i did create a thread about the BIC Chrome Platinum on B&B and it does remind me of voskhod as in some people sy theyr good and some say theyre rough and not so good, obviously YMMV but seems like QC i reckon

i actually think these BIC blades are the second sharpest out there with feather beign number one
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I have pretty much stuck with the same blade for several years and, whilst its become more consistent generally, i still have shaves from time to time when i think "WTF ?"

I nowadays rank prep and blade angle / blade pressure as far more important than i used to do, equal to other factors such as razor type or blade type, although do accept that we all can find particular blades that suit us and our hair / skin type more than other blades do.
I've had very good shaves using the Bic blade in a Fat Boy, Rocket HD500 a Tech and a New as well as modern razors. Didn't like it in the Black Beauty though.
Used them today to double check whether it was criminal or not.

TBH, had a good shave. Not anywhere near a Nacet, but not that bad. Better than a Voshkod, but as I have found out, and everyone says, YMMV.

Absolutely fine in my Tech. Maybe it just doesn't pair well with the razor that you used?

In my case it was the bow!

I've just had a delightful shave with one of these BIC Chrome Platinums in a Leaf Twig. Sharp and efficient, and put me very much in mind of the Lord Platinum. I'm intrigued to try a further blade in another razor now.
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