Cleaning a non-gold razor - UK/ Britain/ Europe

Don't you guys have Barbicide over there? And be careful with the bathroom cleaner. I used our equivalent of it on my Grandfathers black beauty and it messed up the handle. The coating on the aluminum (aluminium) lightened up and even came off in some spots.
Only just seen this thread. I've had my first go at cleaning up a grimy old thing today and was quite pleased.

I've got a Gillette 2 piece which could be a 77 or 88 but given it has no packaging then it's pretty much impossible to tell AFAIK.

1 - Gave it a soak in near boiling water with some Arm & Hammer baking soda
2 - Good going over with a toothbrush
3 - Good rub with some Silvo wadding
4 - Rubbed with a Microfibre cloth
5 - Another rubbing with a jewellery cloth - it had two sheets, one for polish and one for buffing.

Looking through the thread there's definitely easier ways of doing it but would I be right in thinking the Silvo, after a few applications, would really get a nice lustre on the metal? Before and after below....


I'm not too happy with the heavily stained parts near the bottom though so will be giving it another go over with the methods already in this thread.
Thank you, OP! A great job!

I've borrowed the butter tub thing (well, here a soft cheese tub, you do not mind, do you?:D) though I just use "Fairy" (literally) and an old toothbrush, as a general rule. If needed, I polish the razor (other make here in Spain...) and then the Fairy treatment again.

The only golden vintage razor I tried to clean was a Gillette NEW LC, Oxford set. Well.... it turned out to be a success... until some of the golden plating on the head and baseplate wore off:eek:
I usually just use an Ultrasonic cleaner and Maas polish and have achieved great results with these alone. I'm liking the idea of adding Isopropyl Alcohol into the regime - it should (theoretically) work well for dissolving any polish residue as well. I'm going to give it a try on a couple of user grade razors to see how well it works (including a overnight soak).
Liverpool, UK.
99% pure Isopropanol ............ my favourite chemical! ....... I go through gallons of it in my print room and garage....... Love the smell and love that it's mild enough not to dissolve everything I spray it on (I have dichloromethane for that :D).

Take a razor you've scrubbed to death with an old toothbrush and Fairy Liquid .......... Then give it another scrubbing with the brush using Peak polish (or Autosol ..... but be careful ..... a bit more abrasive) .......... Then another scrub with the Fairy ....... Followed by a nice wash down with the Isopropanol. That absolutely will clear off any last lingering traces of polish residue.

FInish off with a light rub down with a spray of Dunlop #65 Guitar Cleaner and Polish ...... and your razor is photo ready ;)
I like that we can clean razors up but not all "chrome" razors are chrome. Gillette did use silver to plate razors and cases for a while.

Polish will damage that super thin layer of silver or gold. Bleach is bad as well.
After read the post and seeing the before and after pictures I think I will be getting the odd vintage razor and having a ago. It a lot better then sitting watching tv.
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