Birth Year Razors - sought & available

just north of Denver
I'm looking for an O3 if anybody who has one is reading this...haven't been looking that hard but I don't think I've ever seen a O code razor.
Hiya doin Tony,

Is that O3 razor for your son? What a sweet man you are! Pretty sure the O date isn't all that uncommon.....lemme see what's in my arsenal.


Oh hello Tony, there's this old thing I have never been able to even get wet, let alone shave with. Heh, that's's in too gooda shape. Bought it many years ago and after all, it probably shaves like the SA should so no reason to use that one. Very rare to see the plating intact on this Gillette and this looks like someone mighta shaved with it 1-2 times if that.

Actually, I may have some other types with the 03 code, but not looked at everything stuck away.

Whatcha think, even with the crap pics showing an imaginary blem on the head?



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Hey, I'm after a Black beauty 1978 Y4, had an alert on eBay for about 6 months and nothing... Not really got any to swap, I have a Slim K4 I'm currently raffling but that's it.
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