Astra SP made in India

I shaved with one this morning, but I foolishly did it with a razor I am still learning so I'm hesitant to make any real reports beyond saying it seems promising. I had a Super Iridium in that same razor yesterday so there was a noticeable drop-off, but for the most part the shave was good. I will try it out in my most used razor tomorrow and report back.
Neat! Where did you get the blades from? Personally, I really do not get on with the Astra Plat (as was, from Russia) but do like Indian blades a lot so keen to try these.

Amazon ( US )

The Russian Astra SPs were basically my cutoff line blade. If you were worse than an Astra SP I wasn't going to consider purchasing you in bulk. They were my definition of inexpensive, good-enough but not really great blades. I much preferred the Astra Superior Stainless.
I shaved again with the Indian Astra SP, and I'm working my way around to thinking this particular blade has a touch more face feel than I remember its Russian cousin having, but I freely admit it's been a while since I've used a Russian Astra SP so keep that in mind. I'd also like to say that even if it does have more of a face feel, it was by no means uncomfortable either day, and both shaves were efficient and close.

I'll use this one out and see how I feel about it. I'll keep updating my thoughts here.

In the future, I want to compare it directly to:

Russian Astra SP
Indian Gillette Wilkinson Sword
This site suggest they supply Astra SP blades made by BIC in Greece.

How accurate do you think that description is?

Bad copy/paste of the template from the BIC CP page without fully adjusting the details: ... notice "Chome Platinum" on the first line, which is apt for BIC but not Astra.
Just an update. I moved that Astra to a different razor and that small amount of face feel seemed to disappear, and the shaves were very nice. I got 5 good shaves from it in all. Seems like a nice budget blade at the moment. I'll revisit it in the future, but at the moment I have a surplus of new blades to try so it might be a while.
Presumably grind and hone specifications are the same.
As well as the engineering requirements, i am sure they would have had experienced testers shave with them too, in comparison to the Russian blades.

The differences in shave and feel is what separates the brands and makes it profitable for Gillette to produce multiple brands and packaging under one roof, so i am certain there would be a priority requirement that they must shave and feel just like the hugely successful Russian produced Astra SP's.
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