Any fishing enthusiasts?

I live in southern England, near Ringwood, and there's a dearth of fishing clubs with openings. The ones that do have openings have strict standards as far as what you can wear: Tweed jacket, green sweater & tie, wool trousers and wellies; along with a flat cap. They want you to wear a uniform to fish in the chalk streams, so you don't scare the fish.
This is not really true, Try Salisbury and District Angling Club, super water and no one cares what you wear. You may have to join the coarse section first and wait for a while for a game membership , but the coarse sections also have trout and Grayling to be caught. There are also some free stretches of rivers in Southern England, you just need to find them out.
Hertfordshire UK
I'm a retired sea angler now. Mostly beach and piers around the southeast coast and occasional boat trips with my father 20 plus years ago. My father had a great saying for when the fish weren't biting - "a bad day's fishing is always better than a good day in the office". Another one was, when asked by an onlooker if he'd had any luck, he would reply, "yes, all of it bad". Happy memories!!
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