What is the best cartridge/disposable razor system of all time?

I hope this is considered to be a worthwhile subject area and is of interest.
May I suggest that some or all of the following could be the criteria for selection: Best Shave; Least Irritation; Price; Clogging; Ease of Use; Manouvurability (ie around difficult areas, under the nose etc): Longevity of the System; Longevity of the Shaves; Impact on the Environment; Number of Blades.
Perhaps some sort of result may be able to be assessed at some point.
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Southern Ontario, Canada
After years of switching between various cartridges, DEs and SEs, I find the Mach 3 the best for me in terms of overall performance, close behind is the Sensor. Both have two drawbacks though: blade life (I get just seven comfortable and close shaves from a cartridge) and price. I’ve read very positive reviews of the Feather MR3 Neo cartridge and will try it soon.
I have tried the Wilkinson hydro 5 sense and it does give a good shave and the front grey section can be pulled down to get around the more tricky areas, but it does feel to me that you are shaving with a dinner plate on the tip of your razor, which I suppose you get used to after a time AND I think that they are quite an expensive blade.
I have also tried the Gillette Blue II slalom, not a particularly good shave BUT it's cheap at around £2.00 for eight when on offer in ASDA.
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