SOTD: Saturday November 2nd 2019 to Friday November 8th 2019

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Sotd - this evening - Thursday the seventh of November.

Razor - ER Streamline
blade - vintage ER (lost count)
brush - Chubby 1 - best
soap - Nivea cream - tube - Spanish
post - witch hazel
a/s - Nivea - 2 in 1
balm - none needed - on my face - Nivea cool gel hidrante on my scalp.

Result - none more shaven.

I work outdoors - mostly - so what would be a rational response - in Scotland - to the change in the seasons? A proper east wind today - bitter - biting - let's shave my head and face - what was I thinking? - hence the picture above. I'm more comfortable using a cartridge razor for a head shave - these were fine. BBS upper and lower - job done. Software - wise - all Nivea - you don't have to spend a fortune to get a good result. It is all about knowing what you are doing. I do value a good 'economy' shave. Enjoy yours - I.
Nothing wrong with those for the dome, Iain. I tried a Schick Injector on mine. But only once...
Face wash with Pears soap then rinse
Proraso White pre shave cream
Proraso Green, bowl lathered with Omega 49 boar brush
Feather AS-D2/ Feather Blade(2)
3 passes and cold water rinse
Alum Block
1912 classic post shave balm
Chanel Post Monsieur aftershave

A very comfortable shave with no irritation or blood loss.
Sunny Sunderland
Pre shave: Hot shower
Brush: Alpha Titanium Outlaw G4
Soap: Tabac
Razor: Gamechanger OC 0.84
Blade: Personna Blue Lab (5)
Post shave: Alum Block, cold water splash, Tabac splash
Balm: Tabac
Aftershave: Tabac EDC

Fri tab 1.JPG

A very nice Friday shave.
3 passes without issue WTG, XTG & ATG, the new bowl working a treat and it fits in my big mit perfectly.
The blade, although still working well has been banked after 5 shaves, i have that many now its not worth trying to push them. I do like these blades though. The GC-OC working really well leaving me clean and comfortable
A very nice post shave and i used a splash of Tabac Aftershave as an astringent, balmed up with Tabac Original and finished with Tabac EDC.
Cue-ball smooth with a soft and supple face feel.
Have a great afternoon All.
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DFS with my Gold British Gillette Rocket. Smooth, but not quite as efficient as I’d like. Nevertheless, I feel clean and refreshed!

SOTD 11/08/19

RAZOR: British Gillette Rocket
BLADE: Voskhod
PRESHAVE: Cold water rinse followed by scrub with PAA’s Charcoal-Menthol Preshave Cube
BRUSH: Omega Pro 48 Boar
POSTSHAVE: Face wash with MWF followed by Thayer Lavender Witch Hazel and finished with Pinaud Special Reserve
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