SOTD Saturday 19th Sept to Friday 25th Sept 2020

Wed 23 SOTD
Soap Cella
Brush Yaqi 28mm Synthetic
Razor Yaqi DOC
Blade Voskhod 4th (Elios Inoxidable 10th)
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Cella Balm + Polo EDT
The soap gives very good lather quality & performance but just too mild scent to my nose. Thick, creamy & slick though!
Shave with razor paired with blade for first few strokes was was skipping and pulling. Replaced the blade immediately to a well-used Elios and wow...huge difference!
3 smooth and comfortable passes with this excellent blade. Avoided weepers and irritation. Good bbs to dfs result. Post & aftershave was terrific.......Rating 9.5/10

Razor - Flat Bottom tech
Blade - Lord Super Chrome (2)
Brush - Yaqi Plissoft 24mm
Soap - Intesa Shaving Cream
Post - Witch Hazel/Alum
AS - Intesa Glacial Lotion/SS Danum Splash

Not a great shave today, picked up a nick by the side of my mouth on the first pass and it was struggle to get it to stop bleeding. My experiences with Lord blades aren't the best. I'd not used the Intesa Shaving cream for a while, and it has a nice enough scent and the performance is fine and it's a fairly good performer, I'd rate it a notch less than Palmolive.

Have a good day Gents.
23 September

PAA Harvest Moon
Semogue SOC 2 band
Mühle Rocca R96
Gillette Silver Blue
Bart’s Grapefruit and Pink Pepper asl
Penhaligon Sartorial


This morning’s shave was shaping up to be a classic, until I gave myself an unexpected small nick to the left of the Adam’s apple. I decided to change the standard, rather light, R96 handle for a solid stainless Ikon one, and completed the shave without further drama. The heavier handle felt better than the razor’s own handle during the second pass. I find the same is true of the Mühle R41, which also benefited from an Ikon bulldog. I’ll see if this combination works over it’s next few shaves.
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