SOTD Saturday 19th Sept to Friday 25th Sept 2020

North East.UK

SOTD : 19th September 2020.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower / Nivea Men ~ DEEP CLEAN Shower Gel.


Cold wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap Bar Soap + Wilko Men's shave Oil.

Brush: Anbbas Boar.

Bowl Lather.

Tesco's Ceramic 'Cosmo' Side Bowl.

Soap: OSP Fougere. (Sample)

Blade: Personna Gem PTFE. (3)

Razor: Gem ~ Micromatic OC.


Cold Water Face Rinse./Homemade peppermint ,lavender eucalyptus,+ Tea Tree essential Oils Witch Hazel Mixture.

Pashana Original ASL.

L'0REAL ~ Barber Club Reinforcing ASB.


A new shave set up to start the weekend...I'm making this a vintage SE razor & soap sample week starting my weekend shave with the gem micromatic OC razor & the OSP Fougere soap which i haven't used for a while a great performing soap with wonderful scent.

The gem OC micromatic is the most efficient of all my SE razors it's incredible after only a few shaves with this very assertive vintage lady how comfortable and at ease i was shaving with her.

"All of my razors are ladies of which i care & treat with the upmost respect."

"I've said it before treat any razor with respect, learn your technique, gain your shaving confidence and you'll be rewarded with some sublime comfortable error-free shaves".

This is essential with the Gem micromatic OC...I recommend any traditional wet shaver if giving the chance to experience shaving with a vintage SE razor once if possible....However, in my personal opinion i would recommend starting off with a Ever Ready 1912 (US) or (UK)which are far less aggressive to gain your technique & shaving confidence before moving on to the very efficient gem micromatic open comb.YMMV.

A pleasurable 3 pass + pick ups near BBS shave with no errors to report.

Finishing the shave off with a generous dollop of L'0REAL ~ Barber Club Reinforcing ASB.

My face is feeling super smooth and smelling divine. ;)

Stay safe, and enjoy the start of the weekend ladies & gentlemen.:cool:

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The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
Date:- 19 September 2020

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Brush:- Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo Synth. 24/53mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Whispers from the Woods (Australian made) ~ All Things Nice "Spiced Sandalwood & Honey"
Razor/Blade:- EJ 3one6 / Voskhod #3
Post/After-shave:- T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel Astringent mixed into the 240ml bottle with Natural Glycerin (20 drops) & Tea Tree Antiseptic (5) / The Stray Whisker Aftershave Balm (Australian made)
Tonight EXTRA! Tipple:- Johnnie Walker Green Label
Good morning gentleman

Pre- Barts Lavender ASL
Soap- TOBS Coconut Cream
Brush- Yaqi Timberwolf 26mm Synth
Razor- Rockwell 6S (R4)
Blade- Gillette 7 O’clock Permasharp #5
Post- Alum block
ASL- TOBS Sandalwood Gel

A quick shave before heading up toYorkshire for a day or two.
Everything went smoothly, all the tools to hand performed well. No dramas, no nicks, very little Alum feedback, smelling good.

Stay safe everyone and have a great weekend.
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