Active Pass Around: Fatboy

Ahhh... the delightful DHL...

Drop, Hide, Lose
Don't Hurry, Lads
Day and a Half Late
Documents Hopelessly Lost
Dewey, Huey & Louie

They usually do eventually deliver... no need to panic just yet.
Thanks, Richard.

There is still room on this eternal pass around list!!! Anyone?

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The list is open.

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Feel bad for holding onto this Fatboy. Form an orderly queue gents to try this wonderful vintage razor!! Maybe some of the newbies to TSR could be interested?

Looking back through the pages, I first had this razor nearly two and half years ago. Still working wonderfully well. I've had the opportunity to try many of the settings and with different blades. I've settled on 5, with a Polsilver :)

@riverrun the razor is safe, clean and ready to go on it's never ending travels once again. Although it seems quite at home in sunny Yorkshire!

Many thanks, Richard
Thanks, Richard.
The Fatboy is not in a hurry, but this is a great opportunity to see what the hype is about.
The razor showed up on my doorstep in 2015 and I still have no recollection of signing up for it. Must have been fate.
I've since taken over the list and have had the pleasure of giving it shelter three times so far.
Give him a go, gents! Not looking bad at 59 years old and still not retired:

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