Out of off of Chorley
Finished my i Coloniali Rituals - Mango soap puck.

I originally got this soap before 2015 in the brown ceramic dish. I gave the dish away to a fellow member of this forum as it found it to be too small. I rehoused the puck into my King-of-Hearts soap dish. I like the soap so much I got a refill and now this has been exhausted too.
I would buy it again but they don't make this soap anymore.

One of my favourites. Scent was flowery and powdery with a slight menthol kick. Lather was luxurious and gave a dry conditioned feel afterwards. I think that was the mango oil that gave the face feel.

Sad to see another classic go but time to refill my dish once again.

finished icoloniali.jpg
High Wycombe
Finished today Wilkinson blue tub - no pic y'all know what is looks like.
Would like to re-use it and buy soap refills - the width of the tub is 9 cm - I'm sure somebody mention soap(s) that fits - any suggestions?
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