Oh well, I just finished a soap, first time ever I liked a soap enough to finish it. I was at Pasteur's in New York when I saw the Sterling Ozark Mountains and I fell in love with the scent that I bought two tubs and the matching aftershave.

It hasn't been easy, Stirling soaps come in quite large pucks, also, I have over 40 soaps so it took nearly 4 years.

I have a few soaps that I know I will never finish and I reckon the next soap I'll finish is... .the Art of Shaving Sandalwood, made by Valobra, the original, I'm glad to say that I have enough pucks left to last me the rest of my life.
Finished my first soap couple of weeks back. Tallow & Steel Boreal.
Working on a CBL soap. It is very soft and have difficulty getting a good slickness because of water/soap ratio. Anyways, nearly finished. Perhaps 4-5 shaves left in it. I can’t wait to pop open the other premium soaps I have...
Valobra shave stick has finally met its demise, sadly no longer produced since Proraso bought the company and promptly shut it down! In this country we must finally pass laws to stop such actions from conglomerates who asset strip and close down viable businesses and reopen in another country.
AFAIK, the owner of Valobra was an old guy who'd come to the age of retirement and had no one to pass the business onto so sold it to Proraso, and they had closed the factory for 'reorganisation' or something with the plan to reopen things at the end of last year maybe? They missed that window then Covid19 struck. Tbh, when it all clears I'm not massively optimistic how many things will return.

Valobra still have a website

FWIW, I can't understand why Proraso would pay to acquire the brand and not use it even if it was for products they would make in their own factory, but who knows what will happen. I hope Valobra does return as their hard tallow soaps are shaving classics.
Out of off of Chorley
Ingram Shaving Cream

Bought this tube over 5 years ago and it was still perfectly fine right to the end. According to my spreadsheet I've had over 18 shaves with this which doesn't sound a lot but the last squeeze came out en mass as the nozzle end collapsed.

This cream gives a surprisingly good shave. Gently mentholated gives a refreshing feel and a nicely conditioned feel afterwards. No complaints about this one. Very overlooked as it was easily available and inexpensive.

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