I am desperately trying to find a source for Erasmic shaving stick. Use the red box and red plastic "holder". When the 75 gram version in foil pouch was unvleiled, the 50 gram stick disappeared. Then it came back here and there, and now has disappeared online.

I need to find more as I am about out of my last stick, and its the only soap I have been able to use in the last year. My chemical allergies hit me hard. I have tried all the other commonly found shave sticks as a reference, tabac, la toja, Palmolive, lea, valobra, etc but they contain ingredients that aggravate my skin, or they have scents that give me migraines after using them. Erasmic is the only soap I have found in years that has a scent I can tolerate, and that dissipates fast. Normally cant smell it when im done rinsing my face post shave.

allergic to citrus, menthol, as in CAN MAKE MY THROAT CLOSE SHUT and hamper with minor things like BREATHING and SWALLOWING.

oakmoss, citrus, menthol, patchouli,vanilla, and similar cause horrid migraines.
There is a shop " Bodycare" which sells Erasmic in a tub and also Erasmic shaving cream. We have one of their shops in Edinburgh.
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