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The new to market Czech Tiger Platinum blades are a real "sleeper" for a great price. It seems the maker was making carbon razor blades for industrial & foreign sales before investing a boatload of money in upgraded eqpmt. to make modern stainless coated shaving blades. Surely, a huge risk in today's market. Regardless, the resultant blade is very, very good. (y)

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Ah, cool! I recall (in fact, checks ... yes, got a tuck) buying in a box of the carbon steel with three hole for some odditiy which wouldn't take Gillette blades. My memory is a bit blank about what that might have been, quick search and I find (of the original carbon): "First go with one of those Czech-made Tiger blades and it was not fun! What a tuggy blade! Two or three strokes ... and I finished off with a GEM blade in a pre-Valet AutoStrop 7 O'Clock." From 2016:

Great! So dramatically improved and platinum coated? I'll grab a few ... thanks for the heads-up!

On sleepers, I've particularly enjoyed a lesser-known Chinese blade which went under the name 'Rhino'. I know there were a couple of us here who rated them. I's love to have another run with one of those. Personally, I think it was a knock-off Gillette yellow, but the shave was really good!
The same co. now has a 2nd Platinum offering, Tatra. I ordered a tuck to try:

Well, a sample tuck of the Tatra arrived yesterday from Germany and today I used one. Boy howdy, this one shaved at minimum as good as the Tiger if not a bit better!!! I am leaning toward the latter, but will wait for a few more shaves. Nonetheless, these Czech fellas got their sh%$ together!! :love:
Bit of a thread revival but Gemstone trading now stock both the Tatra and Tiger blades. Price is £7.20 shipped (without TSR 10% discount code). I ordered some of the Tatra blades and they came next day.
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