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Venice - Rome - Naples

Discussion in 'Photography and Photos' started by Floid_Maniac, Friday June 9, 2017.

  1. Venice - Rome - Naples

    Venice - San Giorgio Maggiore.jpg Venice - Lido Casino.jpg Venice - Lagoon.jpg Rom - Garden of Carathalla.jpg Rom - Altare della Patria.jpg Rom - Circus Maximus.jpg Rom - Via Appia Antica.jpg Naples.jpg Naples - Pompeji.jpg Naples - Campania.jpg

    Images were taken in December 2015.

    1) Venice - San Giorgio Maggiore
    2) Venice - Lido Casino
    3) Venice - Lagoon
    4) Rome - Gardens of Caracalla
    5) Rome - Altare della Patria
    6) Rome - Circus Maximus
    7) Rome - Via Appia Antica
    8) Naples - Street View
    9) Naples - Pompeii
    10) Naples - Campania, view from the top of Mount Vesuvius

    Please click on images to see larger size.
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  2. You have taken some stunning shots there, very good indeed. :)
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  3. Digimonkey


    Top end, outstanding pictures. I
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  4. You're new. You don't know the secret handshake to view pics. ;)
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  5. I guess I need to post a certain amount or something?
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  6. Of course not. ;):)
    Images are posted again.

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  7. These are just pics of women he tells his mates he's dated. Some even believe him.
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  8. I hope not! The blonde on the far right is my wife!!!!
  9. chrisbell


    Stunning photos - very atmospheric! Does anyone know what the trees are in the fourth image?

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