Yaqi Tile Vs Henson Medium DE Razor Head Shave Thoughts

hey people so just used the yaqi tile, the ones that got the similar head to the henson de razor

so away i went loaded the yaqi tile with the polsilver de blades,
its the first time i used the polsilver de blades,
now i know these blades are highly thought off, so i went into this shave with high hopes

so if youre familiar with it youll already know the angle is no need to try and find it and very easy to use

i have to admit im so impressed with this yaqi tile stainless steel razor,
yea its probably not engineered as much highly as the henson but where this excels for me compared to the henson medium ive got it, is that its more efficient as with the henson medium i find i have to keep over going over certain parts as i got thick and coarse hair so in turn it just creates irritation, dont get me wrong if you got thinner hair you might not find this issue so YMMV

where else this excels for me is that i find that with my hair growth i have to go like diagonally upwards on the sides of my head atg and not all razors can clean it up to a proper BBS which is what i have a bit of an OCD for,
like to give you an idea my last head shave was with a leaf razor loaded with 6 se perma sharp blades, 2 on each slot and even that didnt do great on those areas and i was left with a bit of irritation,
where as this yaqi tile just did it with so much ease and i found BBS an easy result,
dont always use the alum block but fancied using it to see what it tells me and it hardly stung just slightly here and there

the yaqi tile is very smooth too, i watched kevy shaves vid and he even mentions this and i 100% defo agree with him, i think if i used a henson which has the same sort of efficiency to make it fair then it probaly would most likely be just as smooth too tbf

ive used other yaqi razors and ive found them to be really uncomfortable even if theyre effiecent but this is nice so dont think im a yaqi fan boy lool!!!

one thing i would say though is whether you got a yaqi or a henson i dont think these de razors like a lot of growth as they do tend to get clogged, i'd probably say the henson gets less clogged then the yaqi but i had roughly about 3 days worth of growth

i think for anyone who's a head shaver any de razor with this type of head that the henson razors have and the yaqi tile is a winner as it makes finding the angle easy especially atg so good for newbies, of course if youve got experience its a non issue

anyways i will be trying out blades in this as ive tried a few in the henson medium too

im interested to see how the yaqi tile compared with the henson aggressive,
from what ive read and watched i think it might be about similar efficiency

also interested to hear if anyone on here has compared the yaqi tile vs the henson aggressive?
just remembered the winning razor, anyone know how it compared to the yaqi tile and the henson aggressive or even medium?
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