yaqi helmet de razor first use and thoughts (headshave)

hey people so its aggresive, will bite if you give it have a chance and takes a stroke ot two to find the right angle,
i had at least 7 plus days worth of growth, it munched it down but what i didnt like was the blade chatter,
i mean even WTG it was noticable, ive never had a razor where i had blade chatter WTG,
XTG and especially ATG the blade chatter was noticable worse,
i mean i have the yaqi katana before thats a SE razor but that also suffers from blade chatter so i dont know if this is a yaqi thing? i dont know...

as with any aggressive razor you have to spend that little time longer shaving but tbh i found the blade chatter annoying as i felt even with a slick lather i had to be careful not to nick myself not due having a bit of a bumpy ride due to that blade chatter

i might try using two de blades next time i use this razor like the youtuber subie shaves does as he said it makes the blade more rigid and less blade chatter, so that will be interesting to try out...
forgot to say i used a gillette nacet too so one of the more sharper blades too,
cant say i was phased at all by the razor but the blade chatter was annoying lol
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