Active Wolfman WR3 pass around

So - I’ve managed to get a hold of 0.40 WR3 head to organise uk pass around. James generously sent it to me to sort one out here.
It’s meant to be more low key one so going to ask that people who love gems, or are on wolfman list, or are tempted to get on it participate. It’s meant to act as means to try it out rather than promotion (there’s around 1 year long waiting list as is).

what is included in pass around:

- Razor head 0.40 gap with safety bar.
- wr7h handle - solid
- optional - prototype head, 0.74 gap, OC (really aggressive - and it’s me saying it lol).

if at least half of the people on pass around are interested in trying the prototype head, I'm happy to add it to pass around too :)

Now onto the more boring but necessary bit! Rules:
- open to active, UK members ( can be active either on here or ATG)
- 7 days to try
- Disinfect the razor before sending onto next person
- send via Royal Mail special delivery onto next person once you’re done with it (just so the full value of it is covered in case of loss/damage)
- when sending on to the next person , include me in message where tracking and passing of the address is (same as what was usually done for other pass arounds on here).

For the moment - let’s keep it as soft limit to 5 people. Once it’s with last person , I’ll let you know where to send it onto - since I’m planning on running the same on ATG.

Participants List:
- @Crossan
- @Masamune

Sunny North Wales
Aaand we're off, arrived today and looking forward to giving it its first run out tomorrow.

First impressions, it's a hefty bit of kit, which I like. Loaded a blade in prep for tomorrow, simple enough affair. The head, front to back, is large. Unavoidable when the back of the blade sits in front of the post. Think it'll need a delicate hand (strike one on me already lol). Thank you again @Scorpio93 for the opportunity!
Sunny North Wales
Just for my own curiosity I took a couple of measurements, I just wanted to put it into perspective for myself with its only generally available modern alternative (Sabre).

There's a fair margin for error with the measurements, both with the calipers and user error with placement on the head but it gives it some perspective. I've also taken a snap (no measurements) with it beside a couple of vintages (1912 & Clog Pruf).

I've marked it under spoiler, so if you'd rather take it as you find it or just aren't bothered then please feel free to ignore.



PicsArt_12-09-04.44.34.jpg PicsArt_12-09-04.41.37.jpg PicsArt_12-09-04.43.19.jpg

Left to Right: ATT G1, Blackland Sabre L2, MM Clog Pruf, 1912, Wolfman WR3

Oh interesting to see the line up and the relative sizing.

How do you compare the shave so far to your modern GEMs? - I own both the Sabre the G1. More efficient than the Sabre I'm guessing?

I want to compare to some vintage GEMs and have a couple of Micromatics on loan (both versions of the MM)

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