Wilkinson Sword Pall Mall Clean Up

Silly Suffolk
The Wilkinson Sword 7-Day Empire Set is the one I would like to have.

I've got one of these; the only difference between your photo and mine is that the gold lettering etc. in my lid is in worse condition. The spiral SB on them is not as coarse or thick as some of the other models, and is split in 3 sections, which seems to make for better "articulation". The blade holders allow for the blade to be slid out, which I guess is to allow them to be replaced in a "by day" set, if broken, chipped etc. Stropping in the approved method isn't very easy or satisfying (to me, anyway), but I have a holder which enables me to sharpen them on other stones, strops etc.


hey @Tony'schin good job mate

I've always been intrigued about these style razors, I mean you don't really see them being used, I would love to get one to try, can you actually shave close with these like you would with a de/injector etc?

I think the one I saw on ebay was like the 7 day set with individual blades that someone mentioned in the thread

Btw you reminded me about the time i put one of those ultrasonic cleaners in my trolley when I was in lidl but Mrs had a go at me and I had to put it back, I always regret backing down lool :cry::ROFLMAO:
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