Why Have More Than One ?

Cat-Pig Swamp
This very morning, apropos of something else, my wife gave me her customary "You can only use one at a time...." black-look comment. In her line of sight was my office, with somewhat more than one pen on my desk and razor in the rack. Perhaps she'd also been rooting around my brushes and soaps in the bathroom.

Of course, I had to explain again that "one at a time" doesn't necessarily mean "just one for ever, every day", "variety is the spice of life" and so forth. I also felt obliged to remind her that it's always important to have plenty of spares and backups, particularly if there's any danger of supplies drying up.

Self-preservation made me "button it" about certain ladies with enough footwear to be shod differently every day of the year, or enough artist's paintbrushes for a National Gallery full of work.

Kick her to the curb.

My wife encourages my purchases.
Your Man Card needs a reboot.
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