Which Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 ?

Hello everyone

I made the decision to switch to this razor, but then got confused when I saw there are a few models being marketed: Standard, Sensitive, Advanced. I can't really tell if there's any fundamental difference between them, or what the situation is with blade compatibility.

Previously was shaving with the WS Quattro (disposables, actually). Before that, was using Gillette Sensor Excel, but found the Quattro was actually a lot better.

I don't actually shave every day - up until recently it was typically every other, or every third day.

Nowadays, I usually leave it for 5-7 days as I look better with a stubble beard (after that it gets itchy). I probably ought to pick up an electric trimmer to maintain it, but haven't really got there yet (and still need a razor to take down the cheek stubble). I always shave at night rather than mornings, and nowadays just shave "once" with the grain so that the stubble comes back quicker.

Anyway, I was just going to pick up the "Advanced" (it's advanced, so it must be better, right? :LOL: ), but thought I'd try find out a little bit about them first. One of the major selling points for me was that the Blades are spaced are bit further, so it's apparently easier to clean. One of the main problems I noticed with the Quattro is that the blades are very close together, and so collect hair like a fiend.

Many thanks
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