Which menthol shaving cream ?.


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Lea Classic hard soap or cream - colder than you initially think.

Williams Ice Fresh cream - superb chill and performance for the money.

Not sure if they are available at the moment but P&B - Denali and MT - Mint Ice Menthol are very cold.

Cheers - I.
Not really a cream - but B&M terror soap and balm are amazing . Proraso green is good too - there’s preshave, shaving cream as well as soap, and also nice post shave lotion and balm for a full lineup.
Haven’t tried cryogen yet so can’t comment on that - but it is another soap
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OK...let me wade in here...
First of all, the obvious starter for any menthol shaving soap or cream has to be a croap, so you get something in between the two.

Second, the obvious choice to use as a benchmark for all menthol croaps has to be Proraso green, menthol & eucalyptus.

Third, and I know that I don't say this often enough, about how I use my favourite ceramic shaving pot just to store this one croap, but it has to be my number one shaving croap of all time...Phoenix & Beau Denali:giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle:(y)(y)(y)(y)(y):giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle:

This is for those who really want a good strong menthol kick, especially in hot weather, but don't want a chemical, biological or nuclear reaction, i.e. just a shaving experience that is about making your face fall off.

Denali is a gloriously luxuriant expression of the wet shave at its finest.

Unfortunately, P&B don't have a post balm for this (yet) but it pairs fantastically with...yup, you guessed it: Proraso Green As splash and/or balm:giggle:(y)

So, there you have it. I've made my point, my work here is done. I shall now go and have some breakfast and enjoy the cool spring morning sunshine...oh, yes, that reminds me so much of Denali...time for a shave methinks;)
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Hi everyone
I would like to try a menthol shaving cream and possibly blam too. What are you suggestions ? Please give me some idea of the strength. Some menthols seem to reduce people to tears. :)
It reduces me to tears and I can not see any attraction at all but it takes all sorts to make the world so give it a go, you may love it!!! :)

  • Proraso Green
  • LEA Menthol
Palmolive Menthol is on my list to try.

Even though it's beyond the scope of the original post, I have to mention what a glorious cream Ingrams was.
Thanks again for all the tips guys. I've ordered the Proraso, another Rabbit hole entered there really is no escape :)

Thanks a lot
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I had a tube years ago of the old Ingrams. It separated & had to be kept in the 'fridge, but it was a great menthol. As for the shave quality......so so. Not as good as Palmolive or Proraso creams in that area. However, I have read the Egyptian one is better.

I have just bought from Lord EmoFresh from this seller. I placed the order on the 11th and about an hour ago, it dropped through my letterbox!

Great service. That seller sells Lord, Ingram's and Ingram's Extra. I rather wish I'd bought the two Ingram's as well.
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