What Watch Are You Wearing Today?

Nothing amazing, just my Storm Contex, but it's kind of sentimental as it was given to me by my mate for being an usher at his wedding about 20 years ago. Sadly you can't get the original straps any more, it had a very wide strap and double tongued buckle, which, typical of Storm, was quite unique and stylish but now rocking horse poo, so this bund was the closest I could get. I just like the 70s vibe, goes nicely with my Solovair Astronaut boots and wool coat.
Repro/Franken Raketa Kopernik
Not to everyone's taste and I knew when I bought it that it wasn't original - the case is new and larger, therefore the lug size, and it's running the 2609.HA movement, rather than the 2609.НП. It also has a skeleton caseback. However, like a magpie I'm a sucker for shiny things and was smitten by the powder blue moondust dial. It runs and tells the time ;)! A restored original would be dearer but might be on my shopping list for the future. (Apologies for the shadows on the pic).

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