What order to work through a sample pack

Re water. We have soft water which produces good lather for hand washing etc Indidnt think that there would be any improvement but I was wrong, you should notice a significant difference. As with so many things, give it a try and see how it works for you.
Will try it out, thanks!
Not too far from LHR
Hard water definitely affects lather. I remember many years ago some North v South banter with a lad I used to work with who came down from Oldham to work with us down near London, he said "foo#in' watta doesn't latha!" which always stuck in my head. That said, I have no problem getting a good lather with my tap water. However I do have an RO machine for my espresso setup so I might try using that just to see if it makes it even better.
Hard water is a pain , it’s why I prefer creams, water here is so hard that my scuttle showed limescale after a couple of days (on the reservoir edge) of having water in for 20 mins or so ..

In respect of original questions, I honestly think that sample packs are a pain, the only way I’ve found it to work is like a ‘knock out competition‘ (no royal paedos required) and to dismiss and forget anything that I don’t like.

You quickly find that once you are used to the razor, the differences between your favourite blades are fairly miniscule, it then comes down to costs
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