What made your day a good one


Awful. So easily created by our lifestyles.

Yea, we need to go back to glass bottles, charge me 2-5 pence more, it's fine. It probably saves 10-20 pence in cleaning up all the shite from plastic waste. Plastic breaks down to microscopic particles that get into your blood and tissues. Glass breaks down and turns to to gravel after it loses its sharpness. I would. rather get cut than contaminated. A cut gets sorted with a plaster, (bandaid). Plastic gets into the cell structure and buggers everthing up. The best thing that manufacturers did was to say to consumers that we had individual responsability to reduce our emissions, waste,co2., and any other shit that they were selling to make the shareholder profit margin.

Sorry for the rant. Going to bed now. Still pissed off at corporations though. Nighty night.
We were driving to a nearby town today and discovered that the road we usually take was closed, so I had to take a different route. I went the wrong way and ended up on a tiny road; I was driving carefully along when a man almost fell out of the hedgerow onto the road.

He was accompanied by his wife and two small dogs who appeared to be in distress. A large dog was loose and had savagely attacked their dogs!

We got the two injured dogs away from the large dog and into our car. As it was only nearby we drove the very shaken woman to her parents house while her partner tried to find the owner of the loose dog.

We were fortunate to have taken the "wrong" road and were pleased to be able to assist the couple and their dogs.
It's strange how these things happen, and by chance, we were in the right place at the right time to help.


Sorting out my shaving cabinet and drawers. Bit of a reshuffle as the scent shelf above the vanity unit has cost me a sink after an over crowded shelf saw a bottle knocked off.

A poo moment, but hopefully resolved now. Still got to buy a sink though
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